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“My boudoir photo session with Julie was spectacular! She made me feel completely comfortable, explained what the session would be like before starting so I knew what to expect and even showed me physically what poses to do if words were not enough of an explanation for me!....”

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"Julie is such an amazing photographer; a real professional who has passion for what she does. Her work is outstanding; classy, tasteful and artistic. I had a wonderful experience; from consultation to reveal, Julie was fantastic...."

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“Julie is incredible! Scheduling, shooting, and the end result are ALL fun and professional. The whole situation can be awkward but Julie will put you at ease. She helps you prepare beforehand, giving you all the info you could possibly....”

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Hello, I'm Julie

And I'm a boudoir photographer for everyday women like you. I'm often asked how I got started in boudoir portraiture and it wasn't until I specialized in boudoir exclusively 8 years ago, I realized the profounds effects this experience has on a woman's self worth. 

This genre of photography is my jam and let me tell you why -- No matter where you are in your life, your age, your size, through this experience we give the middle finger to those unrealistic expectations of vanity thrown in our faces on a daily basis.

My message is simple, YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are in this very moment.

As a woman who struggles to see my own self worth, I've made it my mission to show women how they can learn to love themselves through the intimate art I create. You don't need a special occasion, boudoir in itself is an occasion and the ultimate way to celebrate YOU.

To me, boudoir photography is unapologetic, uninhibited and an empowering occasion sprinkled with a little bit of magic and I can't wait for you to experience it! 

I'll warn you, though, you will leave the studio with an extra dose or two of self-confidence and it probably will last well after your experience with me, just sayin'.

I am a member of the Association of International Boudoir photographers and have been featured in Philosophie Magazine an international magazine for boudoir photographers Volume VII: Empowerment & Diversity Issue.


Information & Pricing

Boudoir photography is for YOU. You in this very moment. Not when you loose the weight, not when you have someone to give them to you, and not because you aren't sexy. However, gift giving is the added bonus! I believe every woman deserves to have a life-changing and transformative experience that boudoir sessions with me provide. It's more than just a photography session resulting in gorgeous portraits, this experience gives you the permission to express your sensual side and is a celebration of your womanhood unapologetically. Your session is conducted in our private loft studio located in Alexandria, VA. I can't wait to show you what a babe you are!

You're going to have a ton of fun and will want to do it again, don't say I didn't warn you.


Your BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE starts at $500

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