Arctic Nudes | Part I | Waterfalls


One thing I need to do is to take time through out the year to do something different to keep my creative satisfied. I get so many ideas and interests that cross my mind that unless I actually mark it off on the calendar it usually never happens. It’s easy to get caught up in client work and while I do really love the art we create in the studio, it’s also important to get out and create outside of it. It keeps me fresh y’all!

So I had an awesome opportunity last month to fly to Iceland to the Arctic Nude workshop with Corwin Prescott and not only see this amazing country in person but combine beautiful landscapes with the human form. This was definitely a bucket list place and being able to combine these two interests with the help of an incredible photographer but also with a team of absolute pro models was an incredible experience.

Something that was not like my regular in-studio shoots is I do not typically work with models. I work with everyday women whom I guide into every look and pose. And the great thing about working with models is I learn SO much about posing from them so when I’m guiding my clients during their shoot, I have more tips and tricks in my pocket from shoots like these that I can bring to my shoots in the studio.

I was so inspired by this trip that the plan so far is to carve out time often to create, but also perhaps create a whole new website and Instagram account to host these images. So I’ll keep you updated on when that actually happens because I would love to have you join me there!

I’ll be splitting this blog post up into parts based on location to not overwhelm! So here is Part I of The Arctic Nudes at our waterfall location. Be sure to check back for more!

Models: Nicole Vaunt, SayHelloJess, Lillias Right, Icelandic Selkie, AliceX


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