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She was afraid she wouldn't look good | Chicago Boudoir Photography

We wrapped up an amazing weekend in Chicago for a couple of boudoir sessions and I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. W. We actually had her boudoir session planned since Oct of 2017 and planned for Kristen and I to come to the windy city in February. I mean I’m always up for traveling and was pretty excited to travel to Chicago for boudoir shoots! Then it hit me, we booked a boudoir shoot in Chicago in February. It’s going to be SO cold and let’s hope and pray that we don’t get snow!

Something I love helping my clients with is planning their outfits and I actually really encourage it. Some people can breeze right through the wardrobe planning but if you’re like me, I need all the help I can get! I helped Mrs. W plan her outfits as she emailed me photos of what she found while she was out shopping and we narrowed down some really good options.

Days leading up to fling out of Washington DC, we all got pretty nervous that this wouldn’t even happen because of snow storm Mateo coming through the midwest and our worst fears were confirmed that flights to Chicago the day before we leave were indeed cancelled. GAH!! I kept checking my flight status and no signs of cancellations or delays though, so we proceeded as normal.

We were only delayed about 3-4 hours but we MADE IT to Chicago safe and sound and even got an amazing complimentary room upgrade at the Dana Hotel and Spa to the presidential suite – umm, hell yes!

Side note: I will say – you Chicago peeps know how to handle some snow, totally impressed! If it were DC, they would have shut down the city, schools and the government weeks in advance!

Needless to say, Mrs. W and I had an amazing boudoir session and she loved all of her photos. However, her biggest fear was she wasn’t going to like her photos:

“My biggest fear was that my photos wouldn’t look good that I wouldn’t photograph very well and that I wouldn’t know how to pose or I wouldn’t look natural. And the day of my revel I had to try to hold back the tears when she started the slideshow of my pictures I couldn’t believe those were me they were all so beautiful. My husband was with me for the reveal and he said I just kept saying “wow!” to every picture.”

This is quite possibly one of the most common things I hear from women who want to book their own boudoir session and I can tell you that’s it’s your fear talking for you. Tell it to shut the eff up because you are going to kick ass and look amazing!

Then I asked her what was her favorite part of the session:

“I can’t honestly pick one thing. We laughed a lot. Julie is so amazing. She kept encouraging me telling me how I was doing great. It’s such an amazing experience. After wards going to dinner with my husband looking all pretty with my hair and makeup done was a plus.”

There you have it! Straight from Mrs. W! What’s holding you back from your boudoir session?



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