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As a mom of 3, a boudoir session was something just for herself

It’s been too long for me to remember, but as a self proclaimed workaholic I throw myself to the back burner ALL. THE. TIME. (I’m working on getting that fixed, I promise!) So, I can only imagine when you have 3 little humans to care for, mom isn’t really thinking about herself first. Scheduling her own boudoir shoot was motivation to get back to her pre-baby body and to see  and feel herself as a confident woman again. She also wanted to gift an album to her husband, but we all know that’s just the bonus..AMIRITE?!

L started her search for a boudoir photographer in her area near the Baltimore and PA area and when she expanded her search to Washington DC she came across my work and knew right away that was her style. This is HUGE and let me tell you why. It’s so important to find a photographer whose work you love, that resonates with how you want to be captured. And then rest will fall into place. Trust me on that.

Because of the distance, I hopped on a video chat with L to learn more about “the why” for her session. During this call, we talked about outfit options, (which I know for most of my clients is the biggest challenge) how she’d like to display her photos and all the album options.


I live right over the PA/MD line, and I started doing research for a photographer near me or in Baltimore, and I couldn't find anyone with a style that I was looking for- more glamorous less amateur/cheap for a lack of better words. I was just disappointed. I couldn't find any photographers' photos that I fell in love with. I, then, expanded my search to DC and found Julie's website and the photos were exactly what I was looking for- I was sold instantly.


I think my biggest fear was that my photos would not be flattering or I wouldn't like my images as much as the ones on Julie's social media. It definitely didn't come true! I loved so many of my photos it was hard to narrow them down at my reveal.

I loved the experience as a whole- the entire package I describe to my friends as the VIP package: from consultation, extra help with lingerie, make up/hair, the actual photo shoot, to the reveal. It's such a fun and an empowering experience from start to finish.


I have recommended this to so many friends all ready! I tell them of course they have to use Julie because you will not be disappointed! This type of photography is her passion and no detail gets overlooked. You may start the experience planning to give the photos as a gift, but its a total gift to yourself as well.


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She wanted to empower herself after a tough separation | Northern VA boudoir photographer

Something I love about boudoir photography, is a lot of the women I meet do a boudoir session for many different reasons. And I can totally relate to C for her reason. Boudoir is used to celebrate new milestones, new relationships, and new chapters in life. So as C is entering her new chapter, what better way to mark this time with an empowering boudoir session in the Washington DC studio!


I went through a really rough marriage and separation. My self esteem was down in the dumps. I had heard women talk about this being an empowering experience and wanted to try it for myself. The moment I saw Julie’s images on her website, I loved the dark, moody style and knew that was exactly the manner I wanted to be captured.


I’m naturally very self conscious and was certain I would feel awkward and embarassed being practically naked in front of someone I had met for 20 minutes once in my life. 

This absolutely did not happen! Julie and her beautiful, sunny smile greeted me at the entrance to her gorgeous studio. Kristen was there and between the two of them I felt welcome and began to ease up. A glass of bubbly helped me along, and after being pampered in hair and makeup, the session began. 

At that point I worries about not knowing what to do. But Julie jumped right in from the beginning and explained the terms she would be using and showed me exactly how to pose. It felt like the most natural experience ever, and the last thing I was was self conscious! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t think twice about walking out of the dressing area in nothing but fishnets without second guessing myself for one second. 

Julie is warm and sweet and one of those people you feel you’ve known forever within moments. She’s chatty and funny and makes the entire experience just wonderful!!


When I got up the next morning and went to work feeling like my back was a little straighter and I was walking. Little taller next to the self-confidence Julie and her camera somehow bestowed upon me!

Every woman should give herself the gift of a boudoir session with Julie. I looked at several options but judging from the results of my photos, there is no question Julie was done the best possible option! You will feel confident and beautiful and on top of the world!

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