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When you panic a week before your session but come out feeling like a GODDESS

Remember that time I talked about how important picking a photographers style was really important? J had been in instagram and was saving a lot of black and white photos she really liked and then after taking another look at where these photos came from, she saw that they were from the Northern Virginia area and were all my work. If that doesn’t say she found her style, then I don’t know what does! It’s easy to fall in some kind of rabbit hole in instagram but when you find what you’re looking for, that justifies the bucket loads of hours spent scrolling and saving. Girl, I know.

It is absolutely normal really get nervous right before your shoot and J let me know she was having hesitations about not being able to pose or look the way she wanted in her own mirror so how was she supposed to do that in front of a camera. I reassured her that 98% of my clients have never had a shoot like before and don’t know how to pose. And that I was going to guide her into all the poses and expressions and to just trust the process. I got you!

What was even more incredible is that J drove all the way up from the Charlottesville, VA area to have her shoot with us and I’m so glad she did! She had some amazing Honey Birdette lingerie and I was so excited to have her feel amazing and to create a very personal surprise gift for her soon to be husband.


My search for a boudoir photographer began on most great searches ;-). I typed in a tagline and I began to see the most beautiful black and white photographs...the bookmarking had begun. As a returned back to my original search, I began tagging more and more photos all from the same original tagline. Once I had established quite the collection, I investigated the photos further and found that they all belonged to the same photographer...Julie. Her style was breathtaking and her ladies looked sexy and natural. Once I found her website, I was blown away by how calm and informative she seemed without ever having have met her. Her website had women of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities in the most flattering light and poses. My boudoir shoot was nothing more than amazing! I made the absolute best decision in picking Julie.


With my wedding approaching, I wanted to surprise my future hubby-to-be.I had never done anything like a boudoir shoot before so I knew he would never expect it! The album that I purchased from my session was the gift that I gave my husband during out first look on my wedding day. He was more than surprised!


My biggest fear in doing a boudoir session was the feeling of being exposed. I had never done anything like this before....and frankly am not the best at posing sexy. Prior to my shoot, I remember sending Julie an email freaking out, realizing I had NO IDEA how to pose myself to look attractive and flattering after many failed attempts in my bathroom mirror. Julie sent the most sensitive and kind email response, telling me not to worry and that she would guide me along the way. Julie was 100% honest. Throughout my shoot, she guided me every step of the way: "purse your lips...arch your back...more...I know you can give me a bit more...amazing." She was kind, thoughtful, and encouraging! I never felt confused or embarrassed....she made me feel like I had been doing this for years.


What was your favorite part of your boudoir session?: There were too many to count! However my two favorites would be hair and makeup and post-shoot. I LITERALLY FELT LIKE A GODDESS! My hair and makeup was completed to absolute perfection...I felt so beautiful and it was just how I envisioned it would be. Following the shoot, Julie showed me a sneak peak photo and it looked amazing! WAYYYYY better than I could ever have imagined. I felt so beautiful and was a feeling that every woman should experience.

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She wanted to empower herself after a tough separation | Northern VA boudoir photographer

Something I love about boudoir photography, is a lot of the women I meet do a boudoir session for many different reasons. And I can totally relate to C for her reason. Boudoir is used to celebrate new milestones, new relationships, and new chapters in life. So as C is entering her new chapter, what better way to mark this time with an empowering boudoir session in the Washington DC studio!


I went through a really rough marriage and separation. My self esteem was down in the dumps. I had heard women talk about this being an empowering experience and wanted to try it for myself. The moment I saw Julie’s images on her website, I loved the dark, moody style and knew that was exactly the manner I wanted to be captured.


I’m naturally very self conscious and was certain I would feel awkward and embarassed being practically naked in front of someone I had met for 20 minutes once in my life. 

This absolutely did not happen! Julie and her beautiful, sunny smile greeted me at the entrance to her gorgeous studio. Kristen was there and between the two of them I felt welcome and began to ease up. A glass of bubbly helped me along, and after being pampered in hair and makeup, the session began. 

At that point I worries about not knowing what to do. But Julie jumped right in from the beginning and explained the terms she would be using and showed me exactly how to pose. It felt like the most natural experience ever, and the last thing I was was self conscious! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t think twice about walking out of the dressing area in nothing but fishnets without second guessing myself for one second. 

Julie is warm and sweet and one of those people you feel you’ve known forever within moments. She’s chatty and funny and makes the entire experience just wonderful!!


When I got up the next morning and went to work feeling like my back was a little straighter and I was walking. Little taller next to the self-confidence Julie and her camera somehow bestowed upon me!

Every woman should give herself the gift of a boudoir session with Julie. I looked at several options but judging from the results of my photos, there is no question Julie was done the best possible option! You will feel confident and beautiful and on top of the world!

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Outfit Styling for Your Boudoir Session | Virginia Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photo shoots can be very up-close and personal, so it’s important to hire a photographer you trust to get you looking and feeling your best. It’s equally as important to find a place that will expertly fit you into lingerie for your photos.

The Washington, DC lingerie store, LeBustiere Boutique, is among the best in the business. Because the stylists there insist there is no one “correct” style formula they adhere to (other than to help clients look and feel their sexiest), I’ve asked each stylist for their best boudoir tips. Here are their answers:



My go-to look for boudoir styling is classic hollywood glamour. I love the traditional bra and panty sets with garters, but my favorite thing to give women is a classic chemise  that hits mid-thigh. I think it’s so sexy to some skin - but not too much! Sheer, lace chemises are prefect for a classy and sophisticated style.



I’m a fan of high-waist panties with attached garter straps! It’s such an easy look that photographs well for someone who isn’t comfortable with using a separate garter belt. I like to pair interesting stockings with this look - our fishnet thigh-high tights and nude stockings with a red seam are my favorite go-tos. The high-waist panty is flattering way to hide the midsection while looking long and lean.



It’s always my goal to have every one of my clients walk out with a unique look - I challenge myself to never style two women the same way. I love to give each woman options that are versatile and interchangeable. My favorite look, though, is very simple: a cut-out panty with pearls or beads in the back. Interesting panties paired with a simple bed sheet or t shirt is the recipe for a perfect glamour shot!



Anything colorful and different is what I gravitate toward when styling someone for a boudoir shoot. My favorite piece right now is this thick red garter belt with detachable gold handcuffs and a matching open bra and panty set. It’s gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve seen in any other store  - so hot! The accessories can be a really fun thing to use when taking photos.



I love pushing our clients out of their comfort zones and putting them in something strappy for one of their looks. The items we carry are very high-quality so they never look too risque - they just add the right amount of “wow” to the pictures.   With strappy details, it all depends on where the lines hit the body; curvier women typically look best with some extra straps around the chest, and slender women look great with extra straps around the waist and thigh.



To me, it’s all about how our clients feel about themselves. I can tell when a woman feels self-conscious about something I’ve given her to try on, and when she feels radiant and confident. Before I style, I make sure to size carefully and I always ask what the client loves about her body and build from there. Instead of focusing on what she doesn’t like, I focus on what she loves about herself! Confidence and proper fit is everything.

To summarize, the talented stylists at LeBustiere Boutique recommend these 5 tips:

  1. Go with what you feel great in

  2. Use strappy pieces to draw attention up toward the chest or down toward the waist

  3. Try high-waisted panties with attached garter straps as an alternative to garter belts

  4. Less is more; a delicate, detailed panty with a sheet or t-shirt is very sexy

  5. Don’t be afraid of color and accessories

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