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When you panic a week before your session but come out feeling like a GODDESS

Remember that time I talked about how important picking a photographers style was really important? J had been in instagram and was saving a lot of black and white photos she really liked and then after taking another look at where these photos came from, she saw that they were from the Northern Virginia area and were all my work. If that doesn’t say she found her style, then I don’t know what does! It’s easy to fall in some kind of rabbit hole in instagram but when you find what you’re looking for, that justifies the bucket loads of hours spent scrolling and saving. Girl, I know.

It is absolutely normal really get nervous right before your shoot and J let me know she was having hesitations about not being able to pose or look the way she wanted in her own mirror so how was she supposed to do that in front of a camera. I reassured her that 98% of my clients have never had a shoot like before and don’t know how to pose. And that I was going to guide her into all the poses and expressions and to just trust the process. I got you!

What was even more incredible is that J drove all the way up from the Charlottesville, VA area to have her shoot with us and I’m so glad she did! She had some amazing Honey Birdette lingerie and I was so excited to have her feel amazing and to create a very personal surprise gift for her soon to be husband.


My search for a boudoir photographer began on most great searches ;-). I typed in a tagline and I began to see the most beautiful black and white photographs...the bookmarking had begun. As a returned back to my original search, I began tagging more and more photos all from the same original tagline. Once I had established quite the collection, I investigated the photos further and found that they all belonged to the same photographer...Julie. Her style was breathtaking and her ladies looked sexy and natural. Once I found her website, I was blown away by how calm and informative she seemed without ever having have met her. Her website had women of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities in the most flattering light and poses. My boudoir shoot was nothing more than amazing! I made the absolute best decision in picking Julie.


With my wedding approaching, I wanted to surprise my future hubby-to-be.I had never done anything like a boudoir shoot before so I knew he would never expect it! The album that I purchased from my session was the gift that I gave my husband during out first look on my wedding day. He was more than surprised!


My biggest fear in doing a boudoir session was the feeling of being exposed. I had never done anything like this before....and frankly am not the best at posing sexy. Prior to my shoot, I remember sending Julie an email freaking out, realizing I had NO IDEA how to pose myself to look attractive and flattering after many failed attempts in my bathroom mirror. Julie sent the most sensitive and kind email response, telling me not to worry and that she would guide me along the way. Julie was 100% honest. Throughout my shoot, she guided me every step of the way: "purse your lips...arch your back...more...I know you can give me a bit more...amazing." She was kind, thoughtful, and encouraging! I never felt confused or embarrassed....she made me feel like I had been doing this for years.


What was your favorite part of your boudoir session?: There were too many to count! However my two favorites would be hair and makeup and post-shoot. I LITERALLY FELT LIKE A GODDESS! My hair and makeup was completed to absolute perfection...I felt so beautiful and it was just how I envisioned it would be. Following the shoot, Julie showed me a sneak peak photo and it looked amazing! WAYYYYY better than I could ever have imagined. I felt so beautiful and was a feeling that every woman should experience.

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Feeling confident and comfortable was really important to her.

I’ve always wanted to go back to Belize for our honeymoon where we could spend more time to explore the area and relax on the beach. While, I do still plan to do this one day (even though  it’s been a 6 year marriage and we still have not honeymooned, LOL) why have I made the reason to only go for our honeymoon?

I’d admit, traveling to another country, or anywhere other than the states, I tend to make a reason for it. It is outside my comfort zone, being somewhere totally foreign gives me some anxiety, but it shouldn’t have to be that way! Traveling there IS the occasion.

Thinking of doing a boudoir shoot is the same for a lot of women. We need to justify this investment with an occasion and weddings are just one of those reasons. And it’s not that you need to justify it, I think it’s that we feel like now we have a really good reason to do it and there really isn’t an excuse you can tell yourself to put it off.

S decided to do her boudoir shoot for her wedding and when she was looking for a photographer, the style, quality and feeling comfortable was top on her list.


After looking at numerous websites in the area, I was the most attracted to Julie's. I loved the style and quality of her photos, and when we had an introductory call, I found her to be someone I was comfortable with, which was obviously very important to me for such an intimate experience. I also really appreciated her empowering attitude!


My biggest fear was honestly my face. I do not normally wear a lot of makeup, but wanted to do more than usual for the shoot. I also was not a fan of my 'serious' faces in my engagement pictures, and since boudoir is definitely less smiley than most photo sessions, I was worried that between the extra makeup and trying to be seductive during the shoot, I would come off looking ridiculous. 

Thankfully, that didn't happen! Julie and her make-up artist worked with me to make sure I was comfortable with the makeup, and during the shoot, Julie made me feel super confident and comfortable, so I wasn't focusing so much on my facial expressions. When I got the photos, I thought that my expressions in them looked natural, not the forced serious faces I had in my engagement photos, and the makeup looked great!


The session overall was just fun! It felt great to be able to get dressed up (or down!) and take pictures that were all about me. The session made me feel confident and sexy, and kind of bad-ass, and Julie was a huge part of what made me feel that way.

Go for it! Julie is absolutely amazing, you will have a blast, and the final product is superb. Julie works with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. She does a personalized photo reveal with all of her clients, where they go through all of the pictures to pick exactly the ones they want (which is tough because there are so many good choices). Her process is so much fun, and ensures that the final product is perfect.


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