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Outfit Styling for Your Boudoir Session | Virginia Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photo shoots can be very up-close and personal, so it’s important to hire a photographer you trust to get you looking and feeling your best. It’s equally as important to find a place that will expertly fit you into lingerie for your photos.

The Washington, DC lingerie store, LeBustiere Boutique, is among the best in the business. Because the stylists there insist there is no one “correct” style formula they adhere to (other than to help clients look and feel their sexiest), I’ve asked each stylist for their best boudoir tips. Here are their answers:



My go-to look for boudoir styling is classic hollywood glamour. I love the traditional bra and panty sets with garters, but my favorite thing to give women is a classic chemise  that hits mid-thigh. I think it’s so sexy to some skin - but not too much! Sheer, lace chemises are prefect for a classy and sophisticated style.



I’m a fan of high-waist panties with attached garter straps! It’s such an easy look that photographs well for someone who isn’t comfortable with using a separate garter belt. I like to pair interesting stockings with this look - our fishnet thigh-high tights and nude stockings with a red seam are my favorite go-tos. The high-waist panty is flattering way to hide the midsection while looking long and lean.



It’s always my goal to have every one of my clients walk out with a unique look - I challenge myself to never style two women the same way. I love to give each woman options that are versatile and interchangeable. My favorite look, though, is very simple: a cut-out panty with pearls or beads in the back. Interesting panties paired with a simple bed sheet or t shirt is the recipe for a perfect glamour shot!



Anything colorful and different is what I gravitate toward when styling someone for a boudoir shoot. My favorite piece right now is this thick red garter belt with detachable gold handcuffs and a matching open bra and panty set. It’s gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve seen in any other store  - so hot! The accessories can be a really fun thing to use when taking photos.



I love pushing our clients out of their comfort zones and putting them in something strappy for one of their looks. The items we carry are very high-quality so they never look too risque - they just add the right amount of “wow” to the pictures.   With strappy details, it all depends on where the lines hit the body; curvier women typically look best with some extra straps around the chest, and slender women look great with extra straps around the waist and thigh.



To me, it’s all about how our clients feel about themselves. I can tell when a woman feels self-conscious about something I’ve given her to try on, and when she feels radiant and confident. Before I style, I make sure to size carefully and I always ask what the client loves about her body and build from there. Instead of focusing on what she doesn’t like, I focus on what she loves about herself! Confidence and proper fit is everything.

To summarize, the talented stylists at LeBustiere Boutique recommend these 5 tips:

  1. Go with what you feel great in

  2. Use strappy pieces to draw attention up toward the chest or down toward the waist

  3. Try high-waisted panties with attached garter straps as an alternative to garter belts

  4. Less is more; a delicate, detailed panty with a sheet or t-shirt is very sexy

  5. Don’t be afraid of color and accessories

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Top 3 boudoir outfits | Washington DC Boudoir Photography

Planning for your boudoir session is different for everyone. Some breeze through it and have their outfits all picked out and if you’re like me, had a challenging time picking out some lingerie options. So I totally get it, this part can be a little stressful.

I've photographed hundreds of women throughout the years and when it comes to choosing outfit options, there are 2 things you must keep in mind: make sure it fits properly and feel amazing in it. 

So I've seen a lot of different outfits come through the studio, and I thought I would list the top 3 type of outfits for boudoir sessions.

1. Bra and panty set - This is the most common type, and I mean, for obvious reasons, right?! There are all kinds of types out there, so be sure to find a a bra that fits properly and you can pair with it's matching panty. Or if you're like me and need a little more coverage in the tummy area, look to pair it with some high waisted shape wear. SPANX is a great option for that.


2. One piece Teddy – You can ask anyone who’s ever had their boudoir shoot with me and they will totally say that one piece teddies are my FAVORITE. Even though they tend to be more like one piece bathing suits, I really love how you feel just as sexy. And confident because it covers more than a traditional bra and panty set. And the biggest plus: they look great on any body type.


3. Just the White Sheet - Yup, nothing but the sheet. This is more of an implied nude. Most will wear just undies and no top and we use the white sheet to cover up. More often times than not, most will opt to go nude for this set. Why is this so popular? Becasue you don't have to shop for another outfit and more importantly all the focus is on you without any distraction of lace, buckes and straps! It's a very classic boudoir look.


There you have it! Some ideas and inspirations for your boudoir shoot planning! You can also visit my pinterest page for more ideas and inspirations here or check out my Instagram for past sessions

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