Washington DC Boudoir Studio


So let me tell you about the boudoir studio! We are located in west Alexandria, Virginia inside the building of E-lofts. It’s a live/work community where small businesses can not only live here, but they can also run their businesses. Cool concept, right? I thought so.

The loft space is dedicated solely to boudoir, however I’ve been known to spend the night during editing marathons during the busy season because, well, it’s just easier and I’ve got everything I need here!

It’s a 1,000 square feet and I’ve decorated the space to have an apartment home vibe mostly because I love that feel for my boudoir work. I’ve kept the décor pretty neutral for 2 reasons:

1. The neutral décor is simple and keeps the sole focus on you in your photographs. No clashing of colors or patterns with your outfits so you are able to have any style or color for your boudoir outfits.

2. I’m pretty much a neutrals kind of gal anyway. Black and white is my go-to and I change my mind A LOT so switching out other elements is pretty easy when I keep it neutral.

I’m really excited about this other little space dedicated to portraits and other plain background type of looks. I can switch out different backdrops if needed and use the strobes or the gorgeous natural light that comes through the window. Thank the Universe for this extra space because having to take this down EVERY time was really annoying.

I use the whole space to shoot. We’re going to use the kitchen, the living space, and now that I have a dining room table we will use that – so pumped! And of course all the other nooks and crannies where the natural light pours in.

Pictures don’t do this space any justice. So when you’re ready, use the contact form below and let’s get to chatting so we can schedule you a consultation to visit and tour the space in person and see where the boudoir magic happens!


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