Welcome to the new Washington D.C. boudoir studio website!


Confession: I have a hard time decorating my own home because I change my mind

All. The. time.

I get stuck in these phases where, for example, yellow might be favorite color at the time and then I have pops of yellow all over. Then when my phase ends...I have so much yellow crap that I don’t even like anymore.

So then I learned to stick to neutral colors and then it wouldn’t be so bad when it came time to revamp. And I’ve been doing this in every aspect of my life because it’s just easier. Not to mention, I constantly get teased for the amount of black, gray and army green I wear. (with pops of leopard print to show off my wild side. REOW!)

As a graphic designer, I’m attracted to clean, minimalistic design. It’s that simple, “less is more” feel and more important.. it's timeless. I'm totally that person who judges a restaurant by the design of their menu and I pick my wine based on the label design. GUITLY!

So as you can imagine when it came time to revamp the website, those are things I gravitated toward and then I just rebranded, and that kinda just happened.

I also like starting over with a clean slate, so welcome to the new and improved Julie Socher Boudoir website! Don’t worry, we’re still located in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area and you can find my old site at boudoirbyjuliesocher.com which will be phasing out as we phase into the new.

Make sure you write down the new email address! My new email is julie@juliesocherboudoir.com.

Now onto more boudoir goodness! Thank you for following along!

Because I can't leave a post naked without a photo.