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Get to know your Artist | Renata Kelly-Rippy

It’s time for another introduction of one of our Northern Virginia boudoir makeup artists who will most likely be scheduled to get you camera ready for your boudoir session.

Renata has also experienced a boudoir session with Julie Socher Boudoir so while you’re in her chair feeling all the nerves, she knows exactly how you feel and she will tell you all about it!

Here’s a little more about Renata and why she’s the pro when it comes to makeup and hair!

Are you in full glam mode everyday?
Heck no!  I'm just like any other girl on the go (Ha!) Over the last few years, I've mastered my go to everyday look that makes me feel "together".  I am a huge fan of having a Lippie Wardrobe (5 awesome lipsticks you feel great in) to switch things up.

What is your "go to" look for your own hair and makeup routine? 
My go to look is foundation, brows, blush and a great lip.  For my hair, I recently did a big chop and added color.  

What is your favorite boudoir makeup look?
Right now, I'm into fleshy/peachy looks.  I think its so sexy and fresh 

Working with a wide variety of clients, how do you manage different skin tones and hair textures?
Being a woman of color, when I first started doing makeup, it was really important for my clients to feel included.  I never want anyone to feel as if they can be beautiful or get the same experience different there skin tone or hair type.  This topic is coming up more and more in the industry and I love it.

What are your top 3 favorite products? 
Products are so overwhelming, even for makeup artists.  Everyday there is some amazing new product to try.  But right now, my favorites are LanoLips lip balm, Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation and NARS soft matte concealer

If you could tell your clients anything before their boudoir session, what would it be? 
You deserve this.  Enjoy this moment of freedom.  For me, it was finally learning to accept myself as I was.  Its the first step in learning about unconditional love.  Often we put stipulations on when we can love ourselves and that has to stop.  With each client, I learn something new about myself, the world and how important it is to connect with who we are on the inside.

Where can someone find you for services other than boudoir?


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Renata’s makeup by Melyssa Chisley IG:@makeup_lyssa

Washington DC Boudoir Studio

So let me tell you about the boudoir studio! We are located in west Alexandria, Virginia inside the building of E-lofts. It’s a live/work community where small businesses can not only live here, but they can also run their businesses. Cool concept, right? I thought so.

The loft space is dedicated solely to boudoir, however I’ve been known to spend the night during editing marathons during the busy season because, well, it’s just easier and I’ve got everything I need here!

It’s a 1,000 square feet and I’ve decorated the space to have an apartment home vibe mostly because I love that feel for my boudoir work. I’ve kept the décor pretty neutral for 2 reasons:

1. The neutral décor is simple and keeps the sole focus on you in your photographs. No clashing of colors or patterns with your outfits so you are able to have any style or color for your boudoir outfits.

2. I’m pretty much a neutrals kind of gal anyway. Black and white is my go-to and I change my mind A LOT so switching out other elements is pretty easy when I keep it neutral.

I’m really excited about this other little space dedicated to portraits and other plain background type of looks. I can switch out different backdrops if needed and use the strobes or the gorgeous natural light that comes through the window. Thank the Universe for this extra space because having to take this down EVERY time was really annoying.

I use the whole space to shoot. We’re going to use the kitchen, the living space, and now that I have a dining room table we will use that – so pumped! And of course all the other nooks and crannies where the natural light pours in.

Pictures don’t do this space any justice. So when you’re ready, use the contact form below and let’s get to chatting so we can schedule you a consultation to visit and tour the space in person and see where the boudoir magic happens!


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Welcome to the new Washington D.C. boudoir studio website!

Confession: I have a hard time decorating my own home because I change my mind

All. The. time.

I get stuck in these phases where, for example, yellow might be favorite color at the time and then I have pops of yellow all over. Then when my phase ends...I have so much yellow crap that I don’t even like anymore.

So then I learned to stick to neutral colors and then it wouldn’t be so bad when it came time to revamp. And I’ve been doing this in every aspect of my life because it’s just easier. Not to mention, I constantly get teased for the amount of black, gray and army green I wear. (with pops of leopard print to show off my wild side. REOW!)

As a graphic designer, I’m attracted to clean, minimalistic design. It’s that simple, “less is more” feel and more important.. it's timeless. I'm totally that person who judges a restaurant by the design of their menu and I pick my wine based on the label design. GUITLY!

So as you can imagine when it came time to revamp the website, those are things I gravitated toward and then I just rebranded, and that kinda just happened.

I also like starting over with a clean slate, so welcome to the new and improved Julie Socher Boudoir website! Don’t worry, we’re still located in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area and you can find my old site at which will be phasing out as we phase into the new.

Make sure you write down the new email address! My new email is

Now onto more boudoir goodness! Thank you for following along!

Because I can't leave a post naked without a photo.